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Giving at UCP


Giving as a way of life

Christians follow Jesus, who literally gave his life away and called his followers to do the same. Throughout our Scriptures, our calling includes this commitment to give from what we have to help people in need, to return to God a part of what God has given to us to accomplish divine purposes in this world, to share our personal resources in the community so that no one is in need.

How do we financially support the work and ministry of this congregation?

Every church receives its primary support through the gifts of its members and friends. Each Sunday during worship, we invite people to give as God has blessed them and as they are able - to return a portion of what God has richly blessed us with. Some people annually pledge an amount they expect to be able to give and then make that gift weekly, monthly, annually, or as they are able. Some people choose to give without a pledged amount, again, as God enables them to give during the year.

In addition to this regular giving which supports the programs and activities of our church, people choose to give to support other local ministries and community programs (see here for more details). Also throughout the year, we tell the stories of what people need around the world and how we can help: through a Blanket Sunday (Church World Service), One Great Hour of Sharing, Christmas offerings, and more. 

We are committed to our community and want to provide space at our church for other community programs and groups. Some groups, such as Boy Scouts, use our building for no fee. Other groups - such as PUNS (Pittsford United Nursery School) and Village Squares (a community square dancing group), or the YMCA, which uses our parking lot during the week - pay a fee which helps to support the programs and ministries of the church.