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Responsible to: Church Pastor
Position opening June 1

ROLE: Provide administrative support to the pastor and staff, as well as church boards and members


Minimum two years of vocational or technical degree is required, while a Bachelor's Degree preferred.

• Demonstrates at all times professional demeanor, complete confidentiality, and discretion
• Demonstrates excellent oral and written communication skills
• Works independently without regular, direct supervision
• Adapts to change, organizes, and prioritizes work
• Sets and meets given timelines
• Operates standard office equipment
• Creates and manages digital data
• Proficiency in English
• Able to organize input and create and distribute weekly and monthly communications
• Demonstrates fluency in: Microsoft Office Suite -- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
• Ability in using (or willingness to learn) Squarespace (for website), MS Publisher, 
and Power Church

1. Greet those who come into the office. Answer their questions, giving assistance, and/or referring them to the appropriate ministerial staff, church member, or other entities utilizing the facilities
2. Answer phone calls, emails, and routine correspondence with church congregation.
3. Prepare Sunday worship bulletins and send out weekly email blast to the congregation every Friday.
4. Design, prepare and send the monthly newsletter.
5. Make sure all congregation addresses and contact information is up to date. Print a yearly directory.
6. Record and send letters to visitors.
7. Scheduling and maintenance of the church calendar (using Google calendar).
8. Update website (ucpittsford.org) and social media accounts. Gather information from meeting minutes to update the website, calendars, and social media as needed. 
9. Get the mail daily and distribute as needed.
10. Maintain up to date church files (electronic or hard copy).
11. Maintain an Office Procedure Manual with up to date information regarding the functioning of the church office.
12. Maintain orderly bulletin boards with current information.
13. Maintain an adequate inventory of office supplies, arranging for delivery or pick up of supplies when necessary and order office supplies, as needed.
14. Maintain and oversee repair of all office equipment.
15. Make sure the sanctuary is neat and giving envelopes and pens are stocked.
16. Prepare Annual Report.
17. Manage building usage schedule with all the outside groups that use the building.


This is a part-time position. It allows for a flexible work schedule averaging 3 to 4 hours a day Monday-Friday, typically totaling approximately 15-20 hours per week. Occasionally, more or less hours can be arranged based on work weekly tasks. The core work window is typically 9am until 1pm, however, slight adjustments can be accommodated by pre-arrangements made with the pastor. 

Compensation will be in the $12.00 to $15.00 per hour range depending on experience. Standard Social Security benefits apply, as well as appropriate deductions for Federal and State taxes. No health care or retirement benefits are included in this position.

Location: United Church of Pittsford, 123 S. Main Street, Pittsford, NY 14534
See website for more information about the church - https://www.ucpittsford.org/ 
and our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/ucpittsford/ 

Send resume and cover letter by email to ucp.staffing@gmail.com.