United Church of Pittsford
Serving, Caring, Learning Together

Transforming Lives


Transforming Lives

Of people affected by addiction

Addiction affects people
in every community
and every congregation.

Pittsford and UCP are no exception. The opioid epidemic and drug overdoses dominate the news, but other addictions cause great pain and trouble in lives of people every day – not just people with an addiction, but their families, friends, co-workers, and the whole community in many ways. The grant we have received will be used to support a learning and ministry program for the community, in partnership with the staff of the Coffee Connection. In the winter and spring, we will provide learning opportunities for church members, and more extensive training for five key leaders. In the fall, we will host learning events for the Pittsford community, with the support of other community groups. Beyond the training and learning events, we hope some of the people will begin support groups – serving, caring, and learning together – for people whose lives are affected by addiction.
Our ultimate goal is to see the transformation of lives during this time and beyond.


Mental Health Webinars

Addictions can often mask underlying mental health concerns.
Do you know the signs?
Register today for these Mental Health webinars designed for faith and community leaders.


Anxiety Disorders

Did you know anxiety disorders are more than just temporary worries or fears? It’s true. And for someone struggling with this type of disorder, the anxiety does not just go away.

In fact, symptoms can worsen over time and interfere with daily activities, including job performance, school work, and relationships.

Through this webinar, faith and community leaders will learn how to recognize the signs and types of anxiety ― including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and various phobia-related disorders ― and then guide individuals to the proper level of care.

May 9 at 12:00PM EST
Click here to register.